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Some worthwhile organizations:

The Vereniging "De Lijn" is an organization based in Rotterdam, Holland, established for the past employees, as well as fans and admirers of "the Line".

Visit their website at

The Steamship Historical Society of America.

The Society was established in 1935 to bring together amateur and professioal historians interested in the history of steam navigation. Membership encompasses all interest in steam and other power driven vessels. Membership includes the regular issues of the magazine Steamboat Bill and access to their marine library and photo collection as well as participation in local chapter activities and National meetings and outings.

Their website:

Or contact them regarding membership or other inquiries at:


300 Ray Dr., Suite #4, Providence, RI 02906

The Long Island Chapter

c/o Tom Cassidy
64 West Street, Northport, NY 11768

The World Ship Society

Port of New York Branch

A 40 year old organization founded in England. "An association of people who share a common enthusiasm for ships and the sea." A monthly newsletter and monthly meetings with interesting speakers. Also, participation in local maritime events.

For membership and information:

P.O. Box 384
New York, NY 10185-0384

Visit their website at:

......and some interesting sites:

The Holland America Line Postcard Collectors Reference Library, an excellent site by one of the contributors to the Unofficial Holland America Home Page. Tiemen Spits has created a visual history of the Holland America Line with his hugr collection of postcards.

The Steamship Rotterdam Foundation at (english version) or (Dutch version).

The Ocean Liner Virtual Museum from the U.K. Lots of good reference, links and photos.

A very well done Holland America site, NASM 1873. Well put together with some fine, rare photos.

Steve Harris' Maritime Pages. Links, photos, freighters and disasters. Also the Maritime Web Awards Homepage.

Memories and some interesting personal photos and documents of Fred Claesen's history with Holland America.

Onno Heesbeen's Cruising the 21st Century, a site for today's cruise ships, including some Holland America favorites. A well put together site.

MARITIME MATTERS Ocean liner history and cruise ship news by Martin Cox, with Peter Knego.

Great turn of the century photos of many liners of that period can be found by searching the pages of the Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing Co. Homepage. It includes 129 photos taken from 1890 to 1920.

Harry Dontje's dedication to the Normandie. A developing site with some excellent reading and great photos. One of my favorite ships as well.

The QE2 Homepage, from the UK, the site for the all the information, old and new, about the Queen Elizabeth 2.

Mike Alexander's SS United States site. An excellent website that has been well thought out and put together.

Ships of State: the Great Atlantic Liners, a link to the history of some of this century's great liners.

Steve Matthews page, The Crow's Nest at, dedicated to another great liner of the recent past, the Canberra.

DUTCH PASSENGER SHIPS: Insulinde, Patria, Slamat, Indrapoera, Sibajak.

More about the Stefan Batory, ex-Maasdam IV

Arjen Klein's page on the Maatschappij Zeetransport N.V. - Oranje Lijn (1937 - 1970)

A fine site from Germany, in German, by Thorsten Totzke:

Louis Mancini's Monsters of the Seas: The Great Ocean Liners of Time.

Bryan Quinn's Royal Regals of the Sea.

A very professionally done site that's informative as well; Lost Liner, Honoring the Golden Age of Ocean Travel

Stephan Giesen's Ship Photos/Schiffsfotos, a "site dedicated to all ship enthusiasts and photo collectors worldwide...."

Do you want to know how a triple-expansion steam engine works? Visit Rick Boggs' Merchant Marine and Maritime, The Merchant Mariners Homeport. Animated engine cross sections, machinery, design, links and more.

Don Nugent's Maritime Companies page. The best source to links for most maritime company sites, including the cruise lines, the freight and container companies, as well as ferries and shipyards.

Daniel Othfors & Henrik Ljungström's The Great Ocean Liners. A well done site detailing some of the more famous liners.

For news and information on modern passenger ships, check Seaview.

The Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild containing numerous passengers lists dating as far back as the 1700's. Unfortunately, they're no longer a fee site.

Roel Zwama's Shiplovers Homepage. A resource and link to an individual who collects data and photographs of Dutch merchant vessels from 1870 up till present. Includes an extensive list of ships.

Paul Zwierstra's developing site for the Rotterdam VI. Nice photos and interesting statistics.

.........and for Rotterdam

Frank W. van Wensveen's City of Rotterdam page. Take a virtual tour of Rotterdam, the birthplace of the Holland America Line.

A great site about Rotterdam, the city and it's people......

.....and their section for the Koninklijke Rotterdamsche Lloyd at

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The Maritime Museum in Rotterdam.

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