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A pictorial presentation of the congenial charm of a transatlantic fleet, whose fine atmosphere and character are the reflection of the discriminating taste and friendly manner of a distinguished clientele.

ATMOSPHERE and charm..... these are the intangible qualities imparted to a ship's character by those who travel on her..... qualities that are difficult to define in pictures. Just as the visitors to Southampton..... Bar Harbor..... or Newport bring those resorts a distinction that makes them outstanding among countless other beautiful summer places, so does the fine clientele of the Holland-America Line impart its own brillianceand taste to these liners, whose standards of service and cuisine meet the exacting expectations of gracious and discriminating people, used to fine living.

Modern Atlantic liners are marvels of luxury and spacious comfort.....and the "Statendam", "Rotterdam", "Volendam" and "Veendam" are no exceptions, as the photographic illustrations of the accommodations in Cabin Class shown will testify. Material comfort..... mechanical perfection..... attentive service that anticipates the unspoken wish..... all these are assured qualities..... But more important still is the assurance of meeting congenial fellow passengers. No one would join a country club because the building was attractive..... without knowing whether the members would be congenial people to meet.....and no one should fail to realize that a Holland-America Line ship is more than a mere ship..... because in addition to modern perfection and service, these liners are the choice of a distinguished group of travelers who will add immensely to the pleasure of any voyage.

With England or the Continent as your destination, any of these great ships will land you at Plymouth, in England, which is only four hours from London by a train that meets the ship..... at Boulogne-sur-mer, in France, a short three hours from Paris, also by a special boat train..... or at Rotterdam, in picturesque Holland, which is a natural gateway to continental Europe.

The luxurious Main Lounge of the Statendam is the pivotal centre of social activity on borad..... a great spacious room to which passangers naturally gravitate..... to form groups at the daily afternoon concerts and the informal teas that follow later..... or perhaps to meet over their after-dinner coffee and liqueurs in the evening before the dancing starts.

It's the story they tell..... happy interested people..... forming new friendships in the congenial atmosphere of the Smoke Room. Perhaps the story is only the alibi for the lost rubber of bridge..... or maybe plans are already afoot for a reunion in Paris before the return voyage..... but it is evident they are enjoying their trip on the Statendam!

Happy expectancy..... their smiles are a clue to the situation..... a nice table for two, not too near the music..... an attentive steward..... and a menu that holds forth the promise of cunard à l'orange, with a bottle of Pommard 1926..... and crêpes suzette, with champagne to climax a dinner that will include the creations of master chefs.

A famous chef, recent winner at Paris of the blue ribbon for transatlantic chefs, is the master mind behind the epicurean delights of this magnificent dining salon on the Statendam. Directing his staff of experienced assistant chefs, and assisted by attentive courteous stewards, he designs menus that challenge the appetites born of salt air and good spirits.

If you enjoy the utmost in comfort, luxury and service, the elegance of a deluxe cabin aboard the Statendam will surpass your fondest hopes.

Even the inviting swimming pool is no more fun than walking on the deck of a real ship..... the thrill of being at sea is a pleasure in itself.

Spotless Comfort

Your home on the deep blue Atlantic..... an invitation for comfort in a spacious spotless stateroom that is typical of all the Cabin Class staterooms on the Statendam. Every modern convenience is provided including an individually controlled punkah louvre ventilation system that delivers healthful, refreshing sea air in the exact amounts you require.

The sunny Palm Room of the Statendam has a commanding location up forward, so that its continuous windows afford an unobstructed view of the distant curve where the sea slopes away over the horizon. A room whose amazing width..... almost 90 feet!..... and generous size is in proportion to the immense sweep of the view on all three sides.

The stately queen of the Holland-America Line


The S. S. Statendam is the flagship of the Holland-America Line. She has a registered tonnage of 28,291 tons and a displacement of 39,000 tons. She is the largest ship to fly the flag of Holland. The Statendam makes the Atlantic crossing to Plymouth, England, in seven days, to Boulogne-sur-mer, France, in seven and one-half days, and to Rotterdam, Holland, her home port, in eight days.

There'll be nice people for bridge.....

and for those who prefer a bicycle ride or perhaps a short row, the Rotterdam also provides every facility for any diversion.

Again the relationship of twin sister ships is illustrated in the inviting Dining Salon pictured above, which is alike on the Volendam and Veendam. A similar relationship unites the service and cuisine of all four liners, thus on the Volendam and Veendam you find the identical high standards as found on the Statendam and Rotterdam.

At the end of a perfect dinner deftly served.... just one of many delicious meals this responsive group has enjoyed from the inexhaustible menus of the Volendam's magic cuisine..... a fitting prelude to dinning in Paris. Fortified by salt sea breezes, the most fastidious appetites find new experiences in the dining salons of these ships.

The photographer caught this happy picture of the Smoke Room on the Volendam while its usual congenial occupants were at dinner. The illustration serves as well for the same room on the Veendam..... for they are twins in all details. After dinner, these rooms are thronged by bridge devotees..... and groups telling tall stories over their coffee.

Wouldn't you like to join this attractive group for a cocktail before dinner?.... for it's quite evident they are enjoying their trip, and the friends they have made..... and why not?.... for they have discovered, as have so many other travellers, that it's not only the ship that matters..... it is the people who travel on them that makes the difference.

(The above text and photos were selected from a Line issued brochure dated May 1, 1935 and titled "The Connoisseurs of Travel.... Holland-America Line")

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