A poem by Mrs. Pauline Patricia Payne welcoming the new Rotterdam (VI).

Rotterdam VI

What's in a name?

A name can start you thinking of a dream that might come true.

Of gleaming white, a dark blue stripe and double funnels too!!

A name that hold an echo of all that in the past was super, gorgeous, charming but could never, ever last.

Yet down the yeras the name stayed on and thousands came to pay a homage to the dear old ships, the darlings of their day.

Each one that had the grand old name was deemed to be the best by generations now long gone and, like the ships, at rest.

A new age dawns and when it comes new science shows the way to make the name great again, a marvel of her day.

And sometime soon along the docks the worshipers will cram to see a sight, all proud and bright

Our brand new Flagship ROTTERDAM.

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