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Here are some of the people and organizations to be recognized and thanked for their contributions to this site.

Of course, the

Holland America Line

300 Elliott Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119-4199

for the Half Moon/Nieuw Amsterdam logo, as well as assorted photos and information found throughout these pages.

Visit their site at

Friend and fellow Holland America Line devotee:

Stephen M. Payne, B.Sc. (Hons),

Project Manager and Senior Naval Architect, Carnival Corporation, Technical Services, London

A gentleman with a wealth of knowledge, dedicated to his love of ships and someone that can still recognize the classical beauty of a "ship". Mr. Payne is the author of "GRANDE DAME: Holland America Line and the S.S. ROTTERDAM" and has written various articles for Holland America, Ships Monthly, etc.

Friend and Ocean Liner aficionado:

Peter C. Kohler

Mr. Kohler is the author of several books, including "The Holland America Line, A 120th Anniversary Celebration in Postcards" , and more recently, "The Lido Fleet, Italian Line Passenger Ships and Services". He had also been a regular contributor to "Steamboat Bill", the magazine of the Steamship Historical Society of America. Mr. Kohler is still one who appreciates the quality and tradition of transatlantic travel.

Friends, Contributors, Helpers and some fellow emigrants who came to the US and Canada on Holland America:

Karen Segboer, the wife, the site's official spell check and quaility control supervisor.

Roel Zwama, expert on all aspects of Dutch shipping and source of many photos.

Hans Hoffmann, past First Officer of Rotterdam V and a great photographer.

Joost Keesing, a source of data, photos and someone to keep an eye on quality control.

Alan Zamchick for resource material and friendly criticism.

Stephen Card artist extraordinaire. His work speaks for itself.

John and Anita Zavacky for their contributions, for being good friends and fellow fans of the "Line".

Marcel Visser for photos, suggestions and moral support.

Scott Van Valen for his appreciation of Rotterdam V, passenger lists and lots of other information and help.

Ans Wiebes, a fellow transplanted Hollander who has been helpful with answering some of our passenger list questions.

Fred Kramer for his passenger lists, photos and support.

Rene van Rijswijk for some great photos, memories and lots of help.

Susan Bulanda for many, many photos and some fond remembrances.

John Maxtone-Graham for his books, including; "The Only Way To Cross" and "Liners to the Sun", great sources of reference material.

William H. Miller, a friend and an individual that loves the Holland America Line almost as much as I. Mr. Miller is the author of a number of books about the History of Ocean Liners. He has recently published "Going Dutch, The Holland America Line Story". For more on Mr. Miller's books, visit:

Our supporters: Louis Giedeman, Joe Beine (passenger list), Aime Vanderbusse (passenger list), Ray Goldenberg (press releases), Ken Leeuwestein (passenger list) , Robert Ollis (passenger list), Martin van Kuilenburg (passenger list) Bernard Bemboom (passenger list), Tony Romeyn (passenger list), Cornell Wynnobel (passenger list), Herman de Wit (passenger list), Margaret Gallagher (Passenger list), Carl Beishuizen (Passenger list), John Geurkink (Passenger list), W. Schuit (Passenger list), Sid Tjeerdsma (Passenger list),Mr. and Mrs. Roger Henwood (Passenger list), Mr. Kees van Dijk (Passenger lists), Elisabeth de Snaijer (Passenger list), Hans DeBruyn (Passenger lists, Waterman information), Steve Conroy (Passenger list), Jane Bower (Passenger list) ............
...............and many more whose names will be added.


Whos's behind this website?

The site for products, services, information and fun things from Rotterdam (for 100 years the home of the Holland America Line). Pietje Bell has graciously contributed several photos to this site. Visit their homepage at

.....and some creative assistance.

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