7,639 gross tons

1947 - 1962


Built by California Shipbuilding Corp. in 1945 and named Colby Victory upon delivery to the US War Shipping Administration. Bought by the Dutch Government in 1947 and turned over to the Holland America Line, renamed Axeldyk. Sailed from Rotterdam to Cuba and Mexico, and to New Orleans. Sailed on the Red Star Line in 1950 and 1951 and then back to Holland America through 1959. Sold to the International Union Marine Corp., Monrovia in 1963 and renamed Monique. Transferred to Pacific Coast Shipping Co., Monrovia in 1965 continuing the same name. The ship was scrapped in 1971 at Kaohsiung.

Previous Name(s): Colby Victory
Tonn. Brt: 7,639 Nrt: 4,595 Dwt: 10,973
Built at: California Shipbuilding Corp., Los Angeles, CA, USA
Built: 1945 Yard No.: V 84
Engines: One set of double reduction geared cross compound steam turbines by General Electric, Lynn, MA, USA
Engine output: 6,000 Shp. Props: One (fixed)
Service Speed: 15.5 knots
Length o.a.: 138.77 meters Length Bpp: 133.84 meters
Beam o.a.: 18.93 meters Depth: 10.52 meters
Draft: NA
Pax. Cap.: None
Crew: 41
Sister ships: Victory Class ship, Type VC2-S-AP3, Aalsdyk, Appingedyk, Amsteldyk, Arnedyk, Aardyk, Abbedyk, Averdyk, Akkrumdyk, Arensdyk, Aagtedyk
Remarks: Bunker capacity 1,780 tons of oil at 39 tons per day

Ship Data from the book,
125 Years of Holland America Line
by H.A. Dalkmann and A.J. Schoonderbeek, Pentland Press 1998.

Photo: Unofficial HAL Collection.

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