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The following are pre-maiden voyage photos that were sold on board in September of 1959.

The Café de la Paix, was a Tourist Class facility located on Promenade Deck and had a dance floor and bar. The entire Promenade Deck was for the Tourist Class public rooms and also contained the club room (now the casino), the Ocean Bar, the (Queen's) Lounge and lower floor section of the theatre. In the front of the theatre in what are now office, was the Atlantic Promenade, a lounge area on both th port and starboard sides of the ship, an exercise/gym area and La Venezia Ice Bar. The Café and the attached Verandah, as well as the port side glass enclosed promenade are now the Lido Restaurant.

The Dining Room, in this photo, the Odyssey or First Class dinning room. This room is vertually unchanged. In the early years there was a seperate childrens dinning room on the starboard side, off the main foyer. This is now an open gang way. In the Tourist or La Fontaine dinning room, there were side wings in use that had portholes. These still exist, but are rarely used. The meeting room at the end of the La Fontaine was also part of the main room.

The Lounge, now known as the Queen's lounge, was a Tourist Class room that was built to hold about 533 persons. It was noted for its asymmetrical design, a "departure from the norm". The furniture was placed irregularly in a pattern followed by the arrangement of the lighting fixtures. There is a special elevator and staircase leading to the Captain's quarters. The Ocean Bar is attached and on the port side. On the starboard side was the tourist class library, now a meeting room and room used for religious services.

The Children's Playroom, was located on the starboard side on Boat Deck and was a facility for both classes. It was noted that this room was "well sound-proofed". A large mural, an abstract of a village scene once decorated the back wall of the playroom. It now hangs in the foyer of one of the lower decks. The playroom itself is now a staff area. It was situated next to the spiral staircase that leads form the Sun Deck down to the Boat Deck.

The Ritz Carlton, on the Upper Promenade Deck, which was the First Class deck of public rooms.The main level was on this deck, while the balcony was on Boat Deck. This photo does not do justice to the wonderful murals on the main wall which is two decks high. Also on this deck were the beauty and barber shops, the Smoking Room, the circular Ambassador Room and the balcony of the Theatre. The foyer to the Theatre balcony is made of dark wood paneling that even in a mild sea tends to creak. It gives you the feeling of an old wooden ship and an atmosphere that plastic, glass and chrome just cannot produce.

The Sky Room, was a First Class lounge located on the Navigating Bridge Deck. It is still the Skyroom, but now has a more cozy, clublike atmosphere. It has its own promenade and is adjacent to the forward sports deck.

The Smoking Room, as mentioned was a First Class lounge. Other than its design, it has bench seats, along the large windows onto the open promenade, the backs of which are reversible and swivel in such a way that the seats can be set up for viewing the ocean during the day and then positioned to face inward at night when the drapes are drawn. One of the more comfortable rooms on the ship. Attached to this is the Tropic Bar.

The Theatre, as noted elsewhere, was considered the largest theatre/auditorium on a ship of its time. It seated 607. There are no pilars to obstruct ones view of the 35 foot screen. The photo is of the main floor. This theatre is for the most part unchanged except for a surround along the sides and at the top of the stage which has created some controversy because it does not fit with the decor and has obscured the original abstract pattern. The newer addition lacks the character of the original.

The "Lynbaan" was the former Tourist Class shopping arcade located on the Promenade Deck and part of the main foyer. It was just forward of the Tourist Class smoking room or Club Room, now the Casino. This shopping area is virtually unchanged except for carpeting on the floor.

Some views from my childhood.

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